Got Lunch


The GOT LUNCH program is a grassroots effort to provide a provisions for families to make lunches for their children during school vacations.  In the model of the Samaritan in Jesus’ well known parable, the Hopkinton community sees the challenges many families have each day.  The first Friday each month from September through June, perishables not usually available at the food pantry plus bread and a milk voucher are given out by the program.

Although coordination and pick up are at St. Andrew’s Church, the program involves all the Hopkinton Church parishes including St. Theresa’s in Henniker.  Other providers are the Police Department, Rotary, and the Hopkinton Women’s Club.  The Lions Club and the Fire and Rescue Auxiliary Fund are very generous with an annual financial donation.

GOT LUNCH is truly a community taking care of its members and St. Andrew’s Church is happily heading up this program.