TLC Committee 

β€œLet us do good to everyone.”  Galatians 6:10


TLC strives to nurture the hearts of our parish family by offering an additional layer of care to that given by Reed and so many others. We take meals to those in need or facing a crisis. Over the course of the year we gather as a group to make soups, corn bread and cookies to take to those unable to attend church. At other times we send cards or take baskets of flowers or cookies. Upon receiving pansies one friend said, "You have made my day. It's lovely to know that you care." Visiting another friend the ensuing conversation about growing older was particularly enlightening to this visitor.


Halloween provides us with a wonderful opportunity to greet costumed children and their parents for treats and conversation.

We ask the parish to join in signing cards for youth away at school. The parish plays a huge role in helping us make and decorate hundreds of St. Nicholas cookies which we distribute to the service groups in town.

For families who have lost a loved one, TLC serves at receptions following a funeral or memorial service. We are sustained as a group by our common goals and by the appreciation of those whom we serve. We hope that our small acts of kindness, given when each of us has the chance, provide comfort. We welcome you to join us.