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The Vestry of St. Andrew’s is made up of dedicated members of our parish. All Vestry members encourage you to reach out to them with concerns or questions about life here at St. Andrew’s Church.  

In addition to the contact information for each Vestry member, this page includes summaries of Vestry meeting minutes. We invite you to check back regularly to stay abreast of all the important work that the Vestry is doing on behalf of St. Andrew’s. The Vestry generally meets once a month.

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Note: Starting in July 2017, minutes will be attached as documents in PDF form, accessible by clicking the appropriate link, above.  Previous minutes will remain "in line" below, at least for now.

June 2017 Vestry Minutes

June 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Martha Lovejoy, Senior Warden. Those present were Paul Carey, Junior Warden, Vicki Haines, Pat Walker, Chris Miller, Judy McPhail, Clarke Kidder, Larry Rice, Pete Mitchell and Pam Manus, Clerk.

Bert Cooper, Treasurer and Rob Thomson were unable to attend.

Paul Carey opened the meeting with a prayer.

Clerk’s Report:
The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed. Paul corrected and clarified the information that was given by the Building and Grounds Committee. The sentence containing “the appraisal for foundation work was done” will be struck. It will now read “The committee had not heard back from the restoration professional on the assessment and plan for preserving of our physical church building”.  Paul will follow up on this.”.  The minutes were approved as amended. So that the minutes can be posted quickly Pam Manus will be sending the minutes out to the vestry so that they can be approved via email and then posted. After our new rector comes, she will send the minutes of meetings to him and the vestry, again with the goal of making them available to the congregation in a timely manner. The report was accepted as amended.
Treasurer’s Report:
A financial report was given out. It was reviewed. We will go over it with the Treasurer, Bert Cooper, at our July meeting.
Building and Grounds Report:
Paul Carey reported that he was able to talk to the restoration professional. The reason for the delay in the assessment was that he was having some medical issues that had made it difficult to complete the job. He will be able to start it late August. He will be assessing our buildings and grounds and presenting us with a plan to help us prioritize and budget for the preservation of these. At present the foundation has a leak, letting water into the basement. This will be addressed first.  Clarke made the motion to accept this report, Pete seconded it and this passed.

Warden’s Report:
Martha has heard from Rev. Loy. He and his family have a lead on a home to rent in our community. He is wrapping up his job in Maine and will be here July 25. His first Sunday will be July 30th. We will plan on an expanded “Lemonade on the Lawn”. We know many of our congregation are away during the summer, but we will have a more extensive Welcome for the Loys on September 10th during Welcome Back Sunday. A good “old fashion” Pounding will be done. To help Rev. Loy get to know his new family, we will hold a number of pod dinners set in many of our homes. With the more informal settings we hope to help him meet moreparishioners.

Martha reported that she finished updating the form used for renting our building or having an event. The person whose family member is getting married and having the reception at our church this weekendhas signed the form and found it helpful and reasonable.

Samaritan Fund: Vicki Haines presented a request for $500.00 to Greenway Project to be used to upgrade nature/walking trails in New Hampshire. This to be given in memory of Steve Young. This request was approved and a check will be sent to this charity.
New Business:
Communication: We will actively look for someone to take pictures of our parish/congregation to be posted on our web and Facebook pages. Pete Mitchell is happy to post them and Martha will look into getting Pete on the administrators list for Facebook.
Employee Items: Martha has been researching hourly wage vs salaried positions so that we comply with Federal Labor Laws.
Christian Formation: With Drew C who was the leader of this committee now in another congregation we need to move forward with the planning and calendar. Vicki will contact Anne McCausland and other members of this committee to see if there is a need to convene before our new rector arrives.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Manus, Clerk

September 2016 Vestry Minutes

Present: Martha Lovejoy, Peter Mitchell, Paul Carey, Patti Gerseny, Judith McPhail, Kate Frye, Larry Rice, Vickie Haines, Rob Thomson, Chris Miller, Pam Manus.

Absent was: Bert Cooper

Opening Prayer was led by Paul Carey.

Clerk’s Report: There are no minutes to be reviewed/accepted at this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Patti Gersney distributed the financial report through August 31, 2016. Expenses and Income were discussed. Report of individual pledges were sent to Pledgees this summer via email. Not everyone has received theirs. Rob Thomson will follow up with the church secretary. Emails may be old, or absent in files. Annual fundraising was discussed. While important, it would be better planned for next year, as our Stewardship Pledge Drive will be underway shortly.  Chris Miller will coordinate the UTO fund drive that we support each year. A motion was made by Rob Thomson to accept this report, seconded by Judy McPhail. Passed unanimously.

Building and Grounds: Paul Carey reported that Yard Work/Blue Jean Sunday will be November 13th this year.  R&T Electric did a walk through looking for possible need for updates prior to the yearly building inspection. Our septic tank was pumped out. While that was happening the company remarked that the grease trap was in need of pumping and a broken pipe was noted. Paul will look into the cost and time frame for this project.

Senior Warden’s Report: Martha Lovejoy reported that she and Paul Carey have been meeting regularly with the staff. The biggest concern is that the staff be kept in the loop, as calls for clarification of a project, or event will go to the office. The search for a Priest-in-Charge is still underway.

Stewardship Committee: Rob Thomson reports that the Stewardship Committee is firming up plans for this year’s Pledge Drive. There will be a shortened time frame for drive-8 weeks. Plans for a “Baker’s Dozen” theme are moving forward. Events for the congregation were discussed. Enthusiastic support was voiced. Rob will keep us informed. Chris Miller requested that the use of credit cards be addressed. Doing it on line is something most can identify with. Martha and Peter will look into this and get the information to Rob. It was agreed there should not be a problem with this.  

Newcomers Committee: Larry Rice reported that the committee is active. Ideas such as greeters, informational packets and St. Andrew’s welcome bags were discussed. Discussion followed on the topic of identifying new families/people and how their names could be funneled to this committee. More ideas may come out of our next Courageous Conversations gathering to be held in the Great Hall on October 16th 9 am-9:45 am between services.  Patti Gerseny mentioned that the fall Pod Dinner will be held on October 15th.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Pam Manus

April 2016 Vestry Summary

The Vestry met on Wednesday April 20, 2016.  Present were Martha Lovejoy, Judy McPhail, Vickie Haines, Paul Carey, Patti Gerseny, Rob Thomson, Pam Manus, Pete Mitchell and Larry Rice

Minutes Highlights

Budget and Finance

•  Considering the changes in Vestry membership, a motion was passed to update the authorized signers on all cash accounts.

•  We received a request from Family Promise to pay our pledged and budgeted contribution of $5,000.  A motion was passed to pay this amount out of a designated account.

Buildings and Ground

•  Repairs are underway to the irrigation system in the Memorial Garden.  Half the system has been repaired.

•  The new stove with electric pilot lights is on order and should arrive in 3-4 weeks. George Schell has put the current stove on Craig’s List and has had some interest.

Ministry Fair

•  It was reported there has been positive feedback regarding the new format for the Ministry Fair, and that people have enjoyed hearing from one Ministry each week. Moreover, having it in the spring seems to be a good idea.

Committee Reports

•  All the new committees are being formed, with many planning for their first meetings.

Other Business

•  Two Samaritan Funds applications were received: one from Special Olympics and the other from Hopkinton Parks and Rec Day Camp. It was agreed to put these applications on hold until the June Vestry meeting.

•  HUB Ministry –The original plan for the HUB Ministry was for there to be an Assistant Rector at St. Andrew’s who would, as part of their duties, provide services to St. John’s in Dunbarton and Holy Cross in Weare.  Currently, these two parishes are in a very difficult place and their future looks challenging. Holy Cross has hired Rev. Winnie Skeates, Vicar for three Sundays each month and Winnie will serve at St. John’s on one Sunday a month. The rest of the Sundays at St. John’s will be a Morning Prayer service.

•  Arbor Day Event –Given that the sugar maple to the west of the church will not be around much longer, Paul has hired an arborist to plant a younger sugar maple to take its place.  This tree will be planted on Arbor Day, April 29.  Paul Carey has spread the word about the planting event.  A resolution was passed to proclaim April 29, 2016 Arbor Day.

March 2016 Vestry Summary

The Vestry met together for a very productive work day on Saturday, March 19, at Holy Cross in Weare.  The first half the day was spent with its members getting to know each by answering some simple, but interesting questions: “Where did you grow up, and what was the physical center of warmth in your home?” “What was the emotional center of warmth in your home?”  “When do you first remember God being a warm, real person to you?”  “Where do you think is emotional center of warmth at St Andrew’s?”  As we answered these questions, we got to know all sorts of things about each other, and enabled us to grow closer as friends and colleagues.

The second part of the day was comprised of some forward planning and thinking, as well as in a formal Vestry meeting.  One piece of work which came out of the day is the Vestry’s committing itself to a revival of our sub-committees.  These will be Finance and Budget, Buildings and Grounds, Music and Worship, Welcoming and Inclusion, Education and Formation, Outreach, and Stewardship.  On each sub-committee will sit members of the Vestry as well as members from the parish at large, each with specific responsibilities.  In the next few weeks you will be hearing more about these sub-committees.

Minutes Highlights

•  Present at the meeting were:  Luis Rodriguez, Martha Lovejoy, Paul Carey, Patti Gerseny, Bert Cooper, Vickie Haines, Larry Rice, Pete Mitchell, Chris Miller, and Pam Manus.

•  Through a very kind donation we will be able to purchase a new stove for the kitchen.  The existing stove is exceedingly difficult to operate, and does not have electronic ignition, requiring manually lighting of all pilot lights in order to use.  The new stove will be the same size as the present one, but will have an electric ignition.  It is intended that the present stove be sold.

•  There will be a few guest preachers during the Eastertide, among them The Rev’d Keith Patterson from St. Paul’s, Concord, and Betsy Hoskins who is in the ordination process.

•  Our Ministry Fair is now well underway, and will last through May.  Various members of the congregation will speak at the Sunday Eucharists, and make presentations during coffee hour.

•  A new Sunday Forum led by Drew Courtright begins April 3, and will last through Easter.  Entitled Episcopal 101, it will explore some of the issues surrounding our Episcopal/Anglican ethos and identity.

•  Plans are underway for replacing the tree in the southwest corner the church property. Discussions have occured with a local arborist, and while he says that there is no immediate risk of the existing tree falling, it is good to plant a new tree 2-3 years before removing the old tree.

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