Dear Friends,

I know that, on a technological level, this won't be for everyone, but I want to share with you a "podcast" that begins airing this Sunday, Pentecost. It's The Way of Love with our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry. A podcast is nothing more than a little radio segment that's been packaged up for you to listen to whenever you want. You can click the link to hear the introductory podcast for The Way of Love, and can either subscribe or just check back on Sunday to catch more.

These are reflections on faith and spirituality from the leader of the Episcopal Church, whom you might have seen preaching at the latest royal wedding. He's down to earth, tells stories from his own life, and knows how to really let scripture breathe and come alive as he shares what he has discovered within it.

Whether of not you're into podcasts, you may like to know that "people of the Way" is the first name given in scripture to the distinctive followers of Jesus Christ. It's still a good name for us to claim again today. We've been lifting it up at St. Andrew's with our "on the way" distillation of the Emmaus Road story; Walking Together, Recognizing Jesus, Practicing Resurrection.

Being on the way owns the fact that we're headed somewhere particular, and also acknowledges that we have more to learn. Also, if we're "on the way" then welcoming others to join us becomes easier. No one is early, or late. If you're on the way, then you're on the way. And that's that. There's no pressure for me to pretend perfection, just the steady invitation for me to keep walking and becoming more, and to share with those walking alongside me.

And being on the way of Love, well, that makes all the difference. Because there are plenty of other ways to go in life. (Jesus often contrasted his way of Love pointedly with the ways of Legalism and of Empire that surrounded him. The ways of Consumerism, Bullying, and Cotton-in-the-Ears are other popular ways I see today.)

For some good companionship going farther along our chosen way, the Way of Love, check out Bishop Curry's podcast; at home, in the car, or wherever you're headed.

In Peace,