Dear Friends,

I share with thanksgiving the following inspiring announcement of Making your Mark Camp, from Lucy Crichton. Along with her deeper reflection that reminds me of the profound power of this time we share with 'our kids'. Thank you, Lucy, and thanks to all our Making Your Mark leaders!


Making Your Mark Arts Camp is Coming Soon!

St. Andrew’s will again be hosting 24 campers from July 8-12. This is our seventh year, and you may remember that it takes a village to create the week of fun for the 24 campers, the teen counselors and volunteers. The theme this year is, “I am Somebody.”

I first heard the call and response of “I am Somebody” in the fall of 1970 in a gymnasium at Kent State University. The Rev. Jesse Jackson was the speaker at an event that welcomed the students back to campus. 

On May 4th of that year, I was working on a project that was housed in the central office of the Campus Bus Service. I was not a student, but my husband was in graduate school at KSU.

That day, a fellow worker came back from the college green and reported that the national guard had fired on students who were protesting the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, expanding the Viet Nam War. Four students died that day. That afternoon, the bus service became the hub, evacuating all the students from the campus. The school virtually closed, no final exams, no way to process the loss of life, no means to grieve together.

Jesse Jackson’s call and response of “I am Somebody” helped to bring together a broken community, affirming the potential and beauty of each person. There is a video on YouTube of the young Jesse Jackson on Sesame Street doing the call and response. You may want to watch it, and perhaps it will help you see why his words have stayed with me all of these years.

Jackson’s voice rang out with profound and simple clarity, expressing in another way the essence of our baptismal covenant.  We are called to serve Christ in all persons, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to strive for justice and peace, respecting the dignity of every human being.

Through art, the campers will have an opportunity to explore their own sense of self using a variety of materials, with the help of many artists and volunteers.

Perhaps you are somebody who is already committed to being involved. Thank you!

Maybe you are somebody who would like to step forward now?

1. We are collecting clean, smooth fist-sized rocks for a painting project. Please drop them off in the atrium.

2. We need help moving drums from Abbot-Downing School in Concord and possibly a few more from Hopkinton High, and this entails having a truck or large van, as well as some muscle power. If you can help please contact Ann Junkin, 496-1276.

3. After church this Sunday we need help clearing the larger atrium of furniture to make space for camp activity. Please come and spend a few minutes helping us.

4. We will be setting up the Great Room and other spaces for camp after church on Sunday, July 7th. Many hands make light work.

  5. We appreciate cookies and fruit for snacks. Please contact Judy McPhail at 491-0460 if you can help with this.

All parishioners, please come to the reception that begins at 4:15 on Friday, July 12. You will have a chance to experience the wonder of kids’ creativity and their joy in being a part of Making Your Mark, 2019.