Dear Friends,  

Yesterday I had the treat of dropping in on the 8th graders at Hopkinton Middle School to offer some teaching on the Christian religion. Each year, the 8th grade has a World Religions unit, and at the conclusion Pam Moskal invites in leaders from the primary world religions to share firsthand their belief and practice. Pastor Gordon Crouch has been joining the classes for many years, and this year he and Pam were very gracious to invite me along as well.  

It was a blast! I got to join for the keynote from Imam Mustafa from the Concord Masjid, and then Pastor Gordon and I told the story of Christianity four times over as the different classes rotated through classrooms with the other respective religious leaders.    

I should say, however, "Did my best to tell the story of Christianity." I was amazed how difficult I found it, after so many years of living this story, to tell this story in 20 minutes.   

If you were given this chance, what would your three bullet points be? What are the three central things about Christianity?  

I could slightly spoil the fun with the bullet points that Pastor Gordon and I used, but, particularly since he framed them out and they weren't even my own to begin with, I'm going to hold back. My own growth in the storytelling was from delving down into the whole breadth of the Christian story and asking, "What are the most precious gems here, that I would show to someone new, to reveal the beauty of this Way?"     Most powerful parables? Most beautiful art? Most transforming prayer? Closest relationship? ...what are the gems?    

If you have 5 minutes, perhaps close your eyes, sit comfortably, breathe, and take hold of a couple that you find most precious. If you are feeling bold, share them at the dinner table, and hear what others would pick from among our Christian treasure.    

Happy hunting. 

In Peace,