Dear Friends,  

At last Sunday's Annual Meeting I spoke to the Vestry's continuing desire and work for closer relationships and accessibility of our ministries, both for those who are new and for those who have long been for years. Then a few of you spoke up right on the spot with  great idea for doing just that! ...A renewed Parish Directory!

The good news is that we have a mostly up-to-date directory (sans pictures) ready to go. Therefore, I'd like to ask that over the next two weeks you please be in touch with us if you are either, A: New (send contact info please), B: Recently moved (ditto), or C: Do not want your address/email/phone shared within the parish.   

After a couple of weeks, we'll integrate all the updates we receive, and we'll email a digital copy of the Parish Directory to everyone, as well as make printed copies available for pickup at the church on Sunday or through the week.  

Thanks for your robust input on this decidedly "Walking Together" type action! 

In Peace,