Dear Friends,  

This Sunday is Annual Meeting. A time for looking back with curiosity and celebration at the year just past, and for peeking ahead at the year to come. For those who have been here a long time, it is easy to see it as "just one more" Annual Meeting. Of if you are brand new, perhaps you wonder whether it's "for you". I emphasize therefore this word curiosity.  

We live in the world of a God who is steady, but whose nature is always being more deeply revealed to us; unfolded for us. Perhaps a God whose mouth is perpetually quirking up at the corner, with the pleasure of the next holy gift to be slipped into our lives. Holy might mean joyful or challenging; peaceful, playful, arresting, or many other things, depending on our readiness for it. But certainly, to be close to such a God of revelation, we must always be peeking around the next corner, curious.

If you hear something at Annual Meeting that sends you on an imagination journey, or stirs a challenging question in your heart, or makes you want to shout "Amen!" attention. And let your neighbor know. Perhaps the Spirit is slipping the next kernel of revelation in amongst us, through you. 

In Peace,