Dear Friends,

This Sunday is a day of returning, regathering. Our seasonal ritual of "coming in from the harvest" left over from our agrarian days. (Though come to think of it, there was one year I remember my homeschooled farming family beginning school Oct. 1.) But maybe it's more than social inertia that keeps us in this rhythm. Maybe the going out and returning speaks to our spirits.

God's people have experienced many returns. Not incidentally, but so many returns in fact -- from Egypt, from Haran, from Egypt (again), from fleeing family, from fleeing corrupt rulers, from Babylon, from broken relationships, from many returns that we've learned along the way that Return is a call from God upon every life. Since flight, travel, turning inward and all forms of separation are universal human experiences, God has made a way home from all of them, back to communion.

Proposing that in quietness and trust shall be our strength...

How's that for an election-season example of God turning things upside-down?

But that's the wisdom our ancestors in faith learned and passed on. "Rest and Return. Quiet and Return. Trust and Return. And become strong."

This Sunday is our festival of Return. Whether summer has seen you here each week, or far afield. Whether life has seen you in close communion with our Creator, or far afield. Whatever you have been busy harvesting this summer. Bring it back in trust to the Holy One. We all have God's standing invitation to walk together, recognize Jesus, and practice ourselves a little deeper into that resurrection union.

In Christ,


p.s. for our Sunday Picnic:

Individuals and Families A-G please bring a side dish

Individuals and Families H-M please bring a salad

Individuals and Families N-Z please bring a dessert