Dear Friends,

This Sunday is our Spring Gardening Day at St. Andrew's, so please feel welcome to come to worship in your work clothes, and please come join in the gardening after worship. Also, I'll be making nachos for all who join the gardening!

The grapevine which we planted and blessed together during last week's sermon is settling in nicely, and it's buds are already swelling in recognition of its new home and invitation to grow forth. They have a beautiful pink tinge to them.

One note, that though I was hesitant to do so, I did move the vine just over to the other side of the gate in an attempt to get it into better sun. I carried your blessings along with it in the move!

As the earth turns and Spring finally rises to meet us, we go out to turn the earth and tend all the many plants and corners of our building that needs care. As I offered in my sermon, plants have lots to teach us about what it means to "abide". I hope you'll take the chance this Sunday to come and learn from the plants that surround us every Sunday during worship!

We'll be mulching the Memorial Garden and side gardens, raking out leaf litter, and pruning unruly growth.

And as for the nachos...they are part of a deep and mystical Christian tradition that truly must be tasted to be understood.

In Peace,