Dear Friends,

After the penitence of Lent, the jubilation of Easter, and the rush of Pentecost, we're entering "Ordinary Time." This name makes me laugh, because though it originally meant "weeks we've numbered between the holidays", now it sounds like "time when nothing surprising happens."

But if that was truly the case, we'd just call it Boring Time and have done with it. The name Ordinary Time really makes me laugh because most of the surprising, growing, events of life really do pop up while we're just out doing our lives. Perhaps to highlight this, this coming first Sunday of Ordinary Time is Trinity Sunday; a chance to notice and wonder at how the most extraordinary relationship we've ever known (the relationship that is God) is out here with us in the day-to-day. And a chance to notice that our own growth and new life takes place when we are in relationship.

Which relationships are growing you these days?

How are you celebrating them?

Which relationships could use some washing in the Spirit?

How are you welcoming the Spirit in?

The Holy Trinity is our partner and example and strength for each step along the way, letting us laugh at the audacity of what we're up to with God and neighbor, and lending us strength for both celebration and renewal.

As a living sign of the growth that happens while we're living our ordinary days with Spirit and neighbor, here's a visual update on our grapevine, which we planted and blessed together during the sermon a month back. It's already got too many leaves to count, and if you look closely, the flower clusters are budding out. 

In the ordinary days ahead, I pray the Spirit to make your new growth too abundant to catalog or contain as well, and that the flowers presaging the fruit of new life would bloom in your souls also.

In our True Vine, Jesus,