Dear Friends,

In about the year 380, a pilgrim named Egeria traveled from her home in contemporary Spain or France to the city of Jerusalem. Her destination was not just this city, but the events of Holy Week. In careful detail she recounts the worship, the movements around the city to each holy site in turn.

She lovingly notes that because some folks walked with canes or a limp, the processions simply took longer, as all were equal participants in remembrance of our Lord's passion. And she tells how the wood of the cross of Christ was brought out for veneration, guarded closely by two deacons, for one time a pilgrim had bent to kiss the wood, and while so doing had attempted to take a piece with them by biting it off!

Egeria helps me remember the wonder and physicality of Holy Week. Here is something to travel the world for. Here is something to sink your teeth into! Here is something for the whole Body of Christ to enter into and be transformed by.

Our own Holy Week Schedule is below. Mark your calendars, and come hungry.

In Christ,


Palm Sunday

March 25  10am worship (no 8am service)

Maundy ThursdayMarch 29  6pm Agape Meal,7-9pm Worship

Good FridayMarch 30 5pm Living Stations of the Cross (All Ages), 7PM Worship

Easter EveMarch 31  7:15pm Great Vigil of Easter

Easter Day, April 1

Ecumenical Worship: 6:30am Sunrise Service,155 Putney Hill Road, Breakfast to follow at First Church

Worship at St. Andrew's: 8:00am Holy Eucharist of Easter, 10:00am Holy Eucharist of Easter, 11:00am Festive Reception and Easter Egg Hunt