Dear Friends,

Come and see.

"Come and see," said Phillip to his friend, when asked who this Jesus fellow was. Come, he invited, and participate in a relationship of your own with this one who turns out to be the Son of God.

Our Holy Week schedule is below. I hope you will come and participate in our relationship with Jesus in as much of it as you can.

And I offer two particular invitations within this invitation: First, please be in prayer for Ethan, Aidan, and Julian, who will be Baptized into Christ's Body the Church. Ethan and Aidan at the Vigil, and Julian on Easter Day at 10AM. Secondly, for those looking for something quieter, consider the Nightwatch overnight prayers from Thursday to Friday. More information on that below.

Whether you celebrate here or as you travel other paths, may your own baptism and closeness to our Lord be renewed this Holy Week.

In Christ,