Dear Friends,

At the Jewish feast of the Passover, all say together, "We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt; But the Lord our God took us out from there with a mighty hand and an out-stretched hand." ...the Lord our God took us out.

It was at this meal of embodied remembrance that Jesus called us out to another remembrance, a new remembrance, known in bread and wine and his own body.

In Holy Week we faithfully embody. We parade with Jesus, eat with Jesus, accept even our feet to be washed by Jesus, follow fearfully and with tears along the way of the cross with Jesus, and run on eager feet to the wonder-burst tomb of tomb Jesus.

As we boldly come to the table, the hillside, and all the places we meet him, Jesus still calls us out. God bless us to hear him as we enter this great Week. And please feel courage to invite those friends of yours whose ears are also waiting to hear his loving words.

In Christ,