Dear Friends,

This Sunday we will not hear an Epistle from Paul, or Peter, or any of the other sacred texts of the New Testament. Instead, we will hear from the sacred texts of the lives of our Making Your Mark camp leaders; a "Living Epistle."

Among the astounding things that Christ revealed to us in his life was that all God's people have a share in the priestly work of "lifting up" God's gifts; of celebrating what God has given and offering it back to God with the actions of our lives. In the words of Peter, "You are a royal priesthood and a priestly kingdom." This Sunday we will celebrate God's gifts received and offered back to God in the sights, sounds, songs, games, and creation of our summer art camp.

Our coffee hour will also showcase pictures of Making Your Mark Camp, and offer ways to connect to the camp if you want to.

I hope you can come and see, through the window of our Epistle, what God is making of us along the way.

In Christ,