"This at last is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh..."

Dear Friends,

This Sunday our from 9-10 in the Great Hall we will do something different. We hope you will be there. We hope everyone who can will be there. We are going to be quiet. And into the quiet we invite you to tell a story of a time in your life you "Recognized Jesus".

We'll give some opening guidance on how to find a piece of your story to tell, and then break into small groups of 5 or so for the sharing.

And there is a secret at the center of this...your story will be perfect.

I already know your story will be perfect, because it will be you telling it! You do not need to prepare ahead. There will be no questions from others about it. No feedback on your story. Just whole-hearted listening to each other; what we Christians call "witness". We will bear witness to each other. We will listen for a part of God's Presence that we didn't know before, but are just now seeing in a friend in Christ. That's what happened to Adam in this Sunday's reading from Genesis. After much waiting, he wakes up and quietly sees Eve and says, "This at last is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh." There is some more of God's love in the world.

This opportunity is offered up by our Christian Formation Committee. They reflected on our icon for the year, the Emmaus Story (Walking together. Recognizing Jesus. Practicing resurrection.), and noticed that quiet and personal storytelling were two ways of "Recognizing Jesus" that we didn't have much of in our common life, and that they wanted to try.

So the first Sundays of October, November and December this format of quiet and sharing will be our Sunday adult formation. We're calling it "The Walk: Moments of recognizing Jesus in our lives". Please come. Come if you are yearning to share. And come if you are yearning to witness. Each group will have a guide to help hold space for both.

Loving God, come and bless us through the simple, perfect telling and hearing of times you have shown up in our lives. Amen.

In Christ,