Dear Friends,

When you come to worship this week, have a look upwards to see something new!

Thank you to our Vestry, Buildings & Grounds Committee and Sexton Eric, who have put in lots of good work in contracting for the installation of a new "50 year" roof over all our buildings (besides the worship space, which was done a couple years ago!). I look forward to all the unimpeded-by-weather ministry that this (hopefully!) longtime roof will release us to focus on. And of course, huge thanks to the many roofers who have been swarming over our building this week to complete the job.

Finally we give thank to those who came before us and offered up gifts of money for just such  purposes as this. Our new roof has been funded through the Rachel Johnson and Lucia Ewing Funds.

All this abundant thanksgiving is especially appropriate as we anticipate our "Consecration Sunday" Worship (10 AM only) and Celebration Luncheon on the 28th. We'll be literally covered by the blessings of God!

In these final days before we gather in our gratitude pledges for 2019, may your heart rejoice in all God has given you, and may you know yourself beloved and covered over by God's embrace. That embrace and protection is the last word stronger than all our "leaky roof" days. You've reminded me of this in a dozen ways just this week in your own words and actions. It's a joy to be getting re-rooved with you!

In Gratitude,