Dear Friends,

This Sunday we will gather from 9:00-9:45, "Between the Times," in the large classroom upstairs for our annual Budget Review. This is a chance to see and celebrate, to have help understanding the numbers, to ask all your questions, and to imagine for the future.

Many thanks go to all who Pledged, the Finance Committee, our Treasurer, Bert Cooper, and the Vestry for working hard to bring the 2018 Budget together as a faithful numeric representation of our hopes and commitment for the year ahead.

The the Proverbs say, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens the wits of another." We have done a lot of sharpening of each other and these numbers in the course of budget preparation. The last few years have seen tangible growth in the transparency and translatability of our finances; from the budget, to our endowment, to our inner financial processes. That work continues. The Vestry has chosen to be bold and show both the side of our finances that is trim and clear, and the side that is still coming into view. Their stance is coherent with the best Christian theology.

While much of our culture may demands perfection before presentation (how long is your morning face washing routine?), Christ invites simply our full selves to come forward, and promises to go along the way with us as we grow into his perfection.

If you desire, I hope you'll come be a part of that work, and sharpen yourself and us a bit more, this Sunday morning.

In Peace,