Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving Blessings to each of you. This feast of the Harvest and of Gratitude has easy resonance with our weekly Christian celebration. Eucharisteo is Greek for "Thanksgiving," and on the occasions we bring it into English, we call it the Great Thanksgiving to set off its power and glory.

Jesus commended meals of thanksgiving all through his time with us. Eating with crowds in the fields and on hillsides, and with the powerful in their own homes, and just as quickly with tax-collectors and other marginalized folks. And with his friends at a final Passover meal. And lest we forget, not even death could keep Jesus from joining the meal! Upon his resurrection, he ate fish with the disciples on the shore and in the closed upper room, and in an act of revelation he broke bread with two startled disciples in Emmaus.

I've heard much ado this year about how Thanksgiving Dinners will force us to sit down with folks of different social and political stripes, and how many Americans worry or clam up at the thought. If we're that anxious about being with persons who are different from us, then I'd say that some Eucharisteo dinners are just what we need.

If death couldn't stop Jesus from showing up, I doubt our political strife will deter him either. May he be with you all, in your hearts and mouths, as you gather to celebrate. The Eucharist is among you.

In Love,