Dear Friends,

This week you will receive an invitation in the mail from our St. Andrew's Stewardship Committee, to pledge yourself to the building up of this community in the coming year.

And this Sunday and during announcements over the next few weeks we'll be hearing stories from our fellow parishioners about why they pledge financially to St. Andrew's.

Then finally, on December 3rd, we'll celebrate the conclusion of our pledge-gathering with a "Bacon, Eggs and Pledges!" feast between the worship services. I welcome you to open your eyes, your ears, and your mouths to receive this all-senses invitation into the work of God at St. Andrew's!

I have written to you before about money. Though sometimes challenging to talk about and work with, money is also an encouragingly tangible representation of our care and values. We know when we have received it, and we know when and where we have sent it on it's way.

In the weeks ahead I will be listening, tasting and seeing alongside you. I look forward to this time of receiving, and to the chance to respond just as tangibly, with a prayerful pledge to all that we are building here with God. I hope you'll enjoy this time also.

In Christ,


p.s. If you ever find that money, or connecting money and faithfulness, is giving you indigestion, I hope you'll let me know. I'd be happy to support your discernment of God's call in this part of life.