A Very Special Announcement

Dear Friends,

The Wardens and Vestry of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church are delighted to announce we have called the Rev. Reed J. Loy to be our next Rector. He will officially join us on beginning July 25, 2017.

After a ten-month search, our Rector-elect was unanimously chosen by the Vestry on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Reed currently serves as the Assistant Rector for St. Alban's, Cape Elizabeth, and St. Peter's, Portland, ME. While there, Reed established a Dinner Church community, oversaw the 5-12th Grade Sunday School, Confirmation, Pilgrimage Team, and Acolytes. Reed comes with youth leadership experience and has lead diocesan Youth Events, nurturing knowledge of belovedness by God, love of scripture, practice with prayer, and familiarity with church.

Reed was ordained by The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld on January 17, 2016.

Reed and his family are excited to be joining us in Hopkinton and he has penned a letter enclosed here. I know you will all join with the Vestry in making them very welcome!

Loving and Almighty God, giver of every good gift: We offer you thanks for the faithful service and careful discernment of so many members of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. These last months, we have journeyed together, not in a time of transition, but living fully together in your love. We have witnessed new practical and spiritual gifts of service among our community that has lifted us up and prepared us for the days ahead. Help us open our hearts and minds to welcome a new Rector into this sacred space, to care for your people, advance the works of our parish, and knit us ever more tightly together as a community of mutual love. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Faithfully yours,

Martha Lovejoy
Senior Warden

P.S. If you weren't with us this past Sunday, you may not have heard that Drew Courtright will be leaving us. His last Sunday will be June 11, Celebration Sunday. Please join us on Celebration Sunday to celebrate Drew's ministry with us and to celebrate all ministries at St. Andrew's




Dear People of St. Andrew's,

I am filled with joy to offer you my first public "hello!" I have already begun to join with you in prayer, and I'm excited to join you in person later this summer as your next rector. 

I'm a native of Epping, NH, and my wife Linden is from Northampton, MA. Since then one or both of us have lived in Durham, Keene, Greenfield and Concord, and so we're looking forward to this homecoming, as well as to discovering all that is new for us in Hopkinton. We bring with us our 14 month-old daughter, Laurel. As a family we love walks and hikes in the woods, time in and on the water, reading, singing, creating, and games playful and competitive.

My relationship with God began through my family and a young age, and with diverse stepping stones and surprises along the way I find myself today in a relationship of deep trust and a good dose of playfulness with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I've experienced prayer in words, song, writing, drawing, silence, sport, and in a multitude of beautiful neighbors. I love sharing this story, and hearing those of others. My service in the church has included campus, youth, justice, and parish ministry. Most recently I've served as assistant rector to a pair of churches in greater Portland, Maine. 

I so look forward to getting to know you, and getting to know God with you. To worshiping with you, eating with you, celebrating, questioning, grieving, growing and imagining with you through the fullness of life in God's Creation. Please pray for me, and God be with you 'til we meet.

In the fellowship of our friend, Jesus Christ,


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