Coffee & Conversation


Most people coming to church, even regular attenders of many years, have had little by way of education and formation in the faith since childhood. An important part of what we offer at St. Andrew’s on Sunday mornings is what we call Coffee and Conversion – an on-going gathering for adults from 9:00 to 10:00 in the Great Hall. Loosely structured, with lots of sharing and participation, the group is led by the Rev. John McCausland, a retired priest and member of the congregation. In recent years we have explored our worship, the beliefs embodied in the creeds, developing a prayer life, various parts of the Bible, ethics, the Book of Common Prayer and much more. Friendships are made and deepened as ideas and questions are explored. People come away with a better understanding of the faith and a greater sense of  connection to the parish and the Church. You’re welcome to try it out, come regularly or just occasionally.

 This fall we embark on a series called “Walking with Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew.” It’s not a formal study of that gospel, but rather a look at how Jesus teaches and preaches, seeking to form us as disciples. How does he change the way we might look at ourselves and the world? How does he comfort and challenge us? How does he change us? (Change us? Remember that title: Coffee and Conversion!) And, oh yes, there’s coffee and often goodies to go with the head stuff.